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Cleaning Resolutions 2013!

Happy New Year! I hope 2013 will be a sparkling one for all!

As promised, here are my Cleaning Resolutions 2013. Tell me what yours are, and I’ll do my very best to offer some suggestions, tips and that much needed cheerleading. You can tweet at me (@joliekerr) with the hashtag #CleaningResolutions2013, email me (joliekerr@gmail.com), or use this site’s ask function to let me know what things you’ve resolved to clean up this year.

Cleaning-Is-My-Work Stuff 

Post at least one new item & usage description to Cleaning Products pinboard each week

Revive weekly “I Read Good Housekeeping So You Don’t Have To" cleaning articles post

Repurpose one old AaCP Q a week on cleaning tumblr to create a better, more accessible archive

Figure out some fun thing to do, blog-wise, with my Housewives Tarot deck 

Visit the Good Housekeeping Research Institute

Start (and finish!) a new book proposal 

Cleaning-Is-A-Thing-I-Do Stuff

Bedroom Purge

My bedroom has started to feel claustrophobic to me. Actually my entire apartment feels claustrophobic, but that’s a symptom of a larger, non-cleaning thing I need to take on in the new year. Anyway! The bedroom. I really need to take everything out and get rid of things I’m not using. I also want to remove everything from my surfaces and pare down the amount of things on display. It’s currently not that much, but I think I would prefer a blanker canvas for a few months. So! Here are the things:

Purge under bed boxes, wash floor under and behind bed

Purge dresser drawers

Reorganize bookshelf 

Take everything off walls, wash them (the walls, that is!) and put keepsakes away

Get cord cover for TV wires

Bathroom Project

Since it looks like we’ll be staying another year in our little apartments in the sky, I’m going to put a little pocket change into my bathroom in 2013.

Install better storage in bathroom

Repaint walls

Detail tile walls

Kitchen Organization

Matt is threatening to redesign my kitchen for me with a new, brighter green paint (Pantone Emerald hellooooo!) and some built-in storage. I also need to upgrade my dining room table to be more work-friendly, since my kitchen is also my office and fingernail painting station.

Deep clean stove

Detail all small appliances

Rework dining area into a better multi-purpose space for eating, entertaining, working and painting my fingernails